Monday, March 23, 2009

Tiffany Learns How to Operate Hyperlinks Much to Her Enjoyment

March 23rd, 2009
Hmm. It seems that I am a bad, bad lady and I'm not writing my exegesis like I should be right now, since it's due on Wednesday. Which is in two days. And I'm so close to the end! I always get discouraged when the light at the end of the tunnel is the brightest. I guess it's just because I wish it was over, RIGHT NOW ALREADY.

I wonder if that hyperlink thingy worked up there. I'm pretty techno-savvy, eh? I bet you didn't even consider the fact that I had to figure out how to make that link-y doodad in order to better inform you about the ins and outs of exegetical work, since I am too lazy to explain it myself!

You know what? I think I'm gonna broaden your internet mind for just a second here.

Presenting: My most favourite websites (in no particular order whatsoever)!

1. The Pioneer Woman. What a wonderful blog. The author (Ree) updates the site often enough to placate my voracious internet ADD, and it's always enjoyable. Lots of cooking fun and entertaining stories, and beautiful photography, too.

2. Boundless. It's the Focus on the Family website for young adult-y types, that I think I've alluded to before. Full of informative goodness. Things sometimes get a little controversial, and I think that's part of the draw, for me.

3. The Weather Network. I'm a nerd.

4. Oh, the wild world of wacky urban legends. I love how these often come up in conversation, and then I can CRUSH PEOPLES' DREAMS by telling them that the anecdote they just imparted was, in fact, just a myth.

5. Modcloth. I really, really like their clothes. Mostly I just stare and sigh. Audibly.

6. Blogthings. Looking for a way to kill a couple of hours? Do some meaningless quizzes on blogthings! Woooooo

7. Plugged In Online - because nobody likes nasty surprises in movies. Well, I mean ratings-wise. You know, not plot twists or anything.

8. Camp ABK. 'Nuff said, I think.

9. Q90 FM. Everyone's favourite radio station from Wisconsin that I just happened to stumble upon. Good Christian tunes to clean your room by.

10. Threadless. Awesome t-shirts for bargain-basement prices. I've got three of my own - and one for Mark.

Whee! That was fun. There are many more on my list of really cool places to visit on the interwebs, but that will have to wait for later. Besides, 10 is a nice, round number. Speaking of nice and round, my middle is feelin' it lately. HA! Seriously, I'm upping the crunches these days.

Procrastinatorialy (yep, made it up)


Please enjoy this nice picture of goldenrod (?) I took at the LCF/NCCF retreat last fall. Not even photoshopped! Not even!