Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Life as a Series of Photographs

This is who I would be if I were made up of an assortment of pictures. Very interesting! Hey, guess what? I am supposed to be studying for a glorious test scheduled for tomorrow morn. Alas, I am taking silly picture personality tests. Woe is me.

Guess what #2? I just accepted Laurentian's offer of admission! Wooohoooo!!! Sudbury here I come!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Tiffany is Bored, So Writes a Love Poem : )


My heart is in bloom

The vines and buds entangle

Sending out shoots

Like the parachute seeds of a dandelion

Whispering up and through and winding

Delicate, petal-like

Through my veins

In this way, in this tender way

My heart reaches out

It grows, it expands

The blooms, the buds, the blossoms

Tiny, perfect, purple-pink

Exploding, exploring, out of every pore

My heart, my love is vibrant

And it flows, it seeks, it glows with the water-washed pink of a sunrise

With the pearlescent purple buried deep in the heart of an opal

It is alive, and it shows

And it displays its rose-blush

In the apples of my cheeks, hidden, and shy but, oh…

Vibrant still

Glowing still, if you want to see

You can feel the flower-soft tendrils

See the fragrant flowers growing

Deep, deep in the soil of my heart

My love blooms

Happy Valentine's Day! <3

I love Love Day! And, can't get italics to go away! That's okay, I like italics! So, this poem is a little bit in advance, but hey. I think holidays should be celebrated at least for the week preceding the actual day. One day just isn't enough. So, this Love Day/Week, give everyone a hug. Everyone needs love!