Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Protagonist

March 4th 2009

My prof asked my class tonight to imagine that we were characters in a story. He then asked, if you could change anything about the character, what would you change? Would you enjoy this story? What would make it better? More interesting?

What a delicious thought!!!

Am I enjoying the story so far? Yes. There are parts that are too painful to read, and parts that are sweet, and parts that are funny. It's a well-rounded story, I think. Would I change the character? Yes. She would be more creative and fearless, she would paint (a lot) and write more, and express herself in an outward manner, instead of keeping it in. She wouldn't care what anyone thought. She would dance more. She would do things that were daring and bold, she would go on adventures, even if they were just small ones. She would appreciate the beauty around her, she would smell the air, she would take long walks often.

She would do things just because, she would stop overanalysing. She would cook fantastic meals for herself, and bake for others. She would volunteer, and stop worrying about "having enough time". She would go to bed early and get up early. She would read her Bible more and thirst to KNOW GOD. She would write the words on her heart.

She would FEEL more.

She would let people know how much she appreciated them (I really do!) and love them more. She would stop worrying about her appearance, and believe her boyfriend when he assures her she is beautiful. She would look to God first for affirmation. She would stop wasting her life on the computer and do things she actually enjoys. She would sew more. She would take more delight in the little joyful things of life.

She would stop wishing, and turn her brain waves into action.

That is all.