Thursday, January 22, 2009

Many Ellipses! In More Than One Sense!

January 22nd, 2009 (this new blog format doesn't add the date for me! So I will post it myself.)

Today is a good day. I guess it WAS a good day, by the time I'm done posting this! I had a presentation in the Bible and Literature, about the imagery of the tree in the New Testament, which was very interesting and appealing to me, both as an English student and as Jesus follower. Actually, it sparked my interests - maybe I will start studying the Bible in terms of topics? I think I might enjoy that for a change. My Bible times always seem so random and aimless. I think I could really benefit from some structure like that.

Mark, Mike and I went back to the gym for the first time since......... long, long ago. It was nice though, the new facility is really shiny and clean and smells less dusty. I did 18 minutes on the elliptical, plus some weights (I never know what to call the whole "weights" dealio, since there are machines, and the free weights... I don't even know what the machines are called!!!). It was pretty refreshing. Mark taught me some excercises with the free weights that will (hopefully) tone my upper arm/flabbly wibble-wobble. (HAHA by the way, that made me laugh!)

Tomorrow is my day off/chili making day, which should be fun. I'm in one of my homebody phases, so that is right up my alley. It will be a regular old chili making party, as my Burns associates are coming over to assist with the chopping and other procedures - with the end goal of producing enough chili to satisfy a hungry crowd of LCFers on Saturday after the skating party.

Speaking of skating, there is a COOL looking skating path across Ramsey Lake that we might try out (we meaning Mark/Mike/Kate and I, not the royal "we"!) tomorrow - it's so neat! Just a lazy winding path plowed across the ice, but it looks so enchanting to me. I can't wait to try it out! Hopefully I'll remember to blog about it.

Love and skates,



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Your blog is awesome!! Aha I lovee getting texts too!!