Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Taylor Swift and Other News

Well, I guess I should admit it.

I actually like Taylor Swift. I know, I know, I am staunchly and firmly in opposition to country music in all of its incarnations. But her music is just SO CATCHY! I love "You Belong With Me", although it is slightly creepy, and if I were the love interest's tacky girlfriend, I would be SO out to get Ms. Swift. Seriously, that's dangerous business right there.

In other news, I have an essay due on Thursday that simply will not start itself. What a dilemma. I think I should just get it over with and quit school.

Also, my very kind and generous mummy and daddy bought me a new printer on the weekend, to replace the one that hasn't worked ALL YEAR. I am so pleased! I named it Louis to match my laptoppy, who is named Louise.

Anywho, I guess I should get going, maybe if I go to sleep now I will be more motivated in the morning to get some good headway in for my essay. It's driving me bonkers.

With all my fondest regards,

Aww, look. It's Louis and Louise cuddling!