Sunday, February 11, 2007

35 Life Goals

Life Goals, a.k.a. Must-Dos:

1. Get married
2. Have children
3. Go skydiving
4. Fall madly in love
5. Get hair done in cornrows on a beach
6. Do missions work
7. Go in a hot air balloon
8. Write a book of poetry
9. See my friends get married
10. Eat an orange fresh off the tree
11. Learn to play an instrument
12. Sleep overnight in an igloo
13. Shave head, just to see what it feels like, and donate hair to cancer patients
14. Stay pure until marriage
15. Live to an old age
16. Always have a real Christmas tree
17. Never be filthy rich
18. Dance in a fountain
19. Try all exotic foods once
20. Kiss someone in the rain
21. Spend a day at the spa
22. Try on the most expensive dresses at the fanciest store
23. Stand in the middle of the Sahara Desert with nothing but sand for miles
24. Ride a unicycle
25. Swim in the ocean
26. Knit a blanket
27. Learn to waterski slalom
28. Learn a different language
29. Grow own vegetables
30. Love to the fullest
31. Crowd surf
32. Scuba dive in Australia
33. Have massive flower gardens
34. Be a good friend
35. Honour God in all I do.

Most of these were written down last year, with some new additions.

What are your life goals? Leave a comment!