Tuesday, November 21, 2006

a little bit of random news

I can't believe I found this. I am completely overjoyed. Boney M has been THE Christmas tape for as long as I can remember, and I still play it every year as I decorate the house. I almost cried upon this little discovery. I always used to stare at the plastic cassette case, deciding who was the prettiest. They're all gorgeous, and I love this song. Unfortunately, they must be DYING of heat in those huge wooly costumes, especially darling on the left with the hood. Good grief. This makes me want to go home and get the decorating started - which I will actually be able to do in NINE days! Yahoo!

In other news, I've been making strides with my morning quiet time. I'm pleased to say that I haven't fallen asleep once while reading/praying. This is exceptional for me, as I seem to be developing some kind of narcolepsy. I decided to switch from my former reading (I had begun to re-read the entire Bible from the beginning, and now was on Deuteronomy) and start in on the Gospels, beginning with Matthew. This is going well, and is a nice break from the OT.

In out DG last night, we talked about evangelism, and a bit about random evangelism, and our views on it. I think I've come to the consensus that it's biblical, as uncomfortable as it is at the time. This makes me consider again doing a spring break trip - Scotland or Panama - with C4C to do an outreach. I'm praying about it, and we'll see where it goes from there.

Hasta luego!