Saturday, November 18, 2006

the beginning of a great relationship

Facebook just didn't seem the place for my deep, deep thoughts.

So, here we go I guess!

It's 1:55am, which is what I get for napping at 3 in the afternoon - I could sleep, but my brain-clock's all messed up. I'm listening to Deas Vail on (i love this site, seriously), and they are really quite delightful. I don't know what I would compare them to - having Nutella poured on your brain? That's about right. If you like Nutella, which I do. Psych class tells me that metal and blood kills brain cells, but certainly not Nutella. It's too sweet for such a thing.

Tomorrow (today?) is Farmer's Market day, which means the smell of yummy spices, and possible a Turkish Delight or two? Delicious! I plan on buying some apples, which means using my newfound knowledge that apples last much longer in the fridge. Poor little fridge, it's stuffed to overflowing as it is.

It's going to be a packed day - pretty much on the go from morn till night. Which is okay by me - less time to create busy work for myself in my little box room. That's the main problem with the way I operate I think, I just fill and pack and cram my days as full as possible, and let my Bible collect dust on the shelf. My focus is way skewed here, and I lack the tools to bring myself back. It's funny how I can diagnose myself to death in writing but I never take action... I have a failure complex.

Okay, here I go... it's definitely bed time.