Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Somewhere, in Some Misstep I Chose This

Dear Blog,

Thanks for being an outlet for my angst so that I don't have to annoy my friends with my mopey, emotional outpourings.

Thus, here begins another sad post.


I want to say it's not your fault
it's not your misstep that caused this ache
To tell you that your absense is not helping with this hurt
but rather making a dull pain more heavy
giving accent and outline to a fluttering soreness
I want to ask you to stay by me
to tell me that it will be alright
this will all be alright, and it will pass
I want you there to hold onto when I feel like I am slipping from this edge
and feeling its' sharpness
and feeling the keeness of knowing that you can't dance this dance with me
you can't comfort me when it's the pain of this new distance that has settled, like a mantle, over my shoulders

I would carry it for you