Monday, September 20, 2010

Old People Forget to Post, Too...

WOW. I know I have said this probably a zillion times since the creation of this blog: I am a bad blogger. I forget about this blog on a bi-monthly basis, at least.

So, being no-longer-a-student is weird. Really weird. My entire body is thrown into revulsions by merely thinking it, but I actually miss going to school. HOW HAVE THINGS COME TO THIS?!

So, now I'm a working woman. Doing things that working women do, like go to bed early and eat nutritious lunches and buy cars. What?? That's right! I bought a car. It's a green Honda Civic, and I love it, and I have decided to name it Theodore. Too bad I can't drive it yet. But, soon! THEN THE ROADS SHALL BE MINE.

Anyway, see, I'm not in bed yet and it's making me use all sorts of capitalization where none is needed. I'm old!

Goodnight, my lovebirds!