Wednesday, June 1, 2011

We Will Meet Him in The Air

Oh Father, how I long
To see past the endless drag of days
To see the grace by which you may
Redeem your lost ones, Heaven's song.

When in a brief hiccup of time
You'll draw us upward, upward still
To meet you there, your children will
Behold your face, and cross the line

Where scripture in its beauty says
We in an instant will be changed.

Oh, to be spirited away with You
This is the deepest echo of
My soul, to climb as like a dove
Into the sky, into the blissful multitude

To escape the bonds of sin and then
Be free of controversies, that
Confuse and pain us, endless lists of who begat
Whom, which some would urge points to your Word as tainted by the folly of wicked men.

And then the argument arises
Of who wrote what, and to what laws
We must adhere, and which flaws
Of ancient men are proof enough to cancel what the Spirit advises.

The paradigm shifts and down we fall
Into the rabbit hole, and we shudder, adrift --
Rejecting wisdom and those holy gifts
The doctrines we had held in closed fists seem not to matter at all.

This is the state You find us in
When you return to do your work
Sinking fast in mire and murk
But You, oh merciful One, will rescue us from sin.

Oh for that day to swiftly come
When you draw us away from earthly bonds
Oh, then we'll praise with endless songs
You, the great Victor who has won.