Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ariadne Leads Him to the Dawn

I am Ariadne, and I will help you find your way out.

hold tight to the unraveled edge of the string and I will pull you
I will wind that highway of twine into a bright red ball
I will reel you in

In all of this that we construct, I will be to you an outstretched hand

as you hurdle over barriers and walls that I create
as you seek the prize within the turns and corners of the labyrinth

I am Ariadne, I am the architect and I will beckon you and draw you back
with markers and signs I will lead you
you who bears the heavy load of truth and reality on your shoulders
I will guide you to see around and through the lies of time
I will show you the crafty traps of memory and the twisting depths of days
I will give you the key and show you the door
I will break you from this jailhouse of linear pacing and bring you to the way

And you will know the red ribbon of freedom