Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Phalange is a Funny Word

Hello friends. It is rainy and this song makes me feel a little bit melty. Because they just took that pop song, and they acoustic-ed the crap out of it. And that is nice.

Today, I finished learning how to knit a mitten. Too bad mine ended up looking like a mitten specially designed for an individual with multiple-phalange amputation. Poor freaky mitten.

Also, I ate delicious desserts at my friend Steph's house. Also, I watched "Clue". Which is awesome, and nothing like I imagine freaking CANDY LAND is going to be as a film. Or Monopoly, for that matter. Unless the Monopoly movie has someone picking up the edges of the board and shaking it vigorously while yelling "EARTHQUAAAAAKE!!!", it will be a waste of my life to watch it.

The end.

Because you're amazing,



Steph said...

Yes! I made your blog! And as for those desserts... just eat them. Your soul will thank you for them.