Tuesday, October 20, 2009


October 20th, 2009

So, I've been making an effort to keep a journal of my dreams in the hopes that, by recording the patterns that occur regularly in my dreams, I'll be able to recognize them in the future and thus train myself to have lucid dreams. Basically, I'm hoping that by recording my crazy dreams, I'll be able to notice a pattern, and the next time it occurs, A-HA! I notice, and "wake up" in my dreams, and proceed to do cool things.

But so far, there aren't many patterns, mostly just really weird, random, crazy stuff. But, I've been noticing that since I've started journaling my dreams, they have become much, much more vivid and detailed, and I haven't had a "blank" night for 10 days straight. Cool! So, here is last night's dream. It was one of my most vivid and longest dreams ever, I reckon.


I am surfing on a grayish-blue ocean with about three other people. The waves are rough and it's getting overcast. We have to return to the beach -- something is wrong, but it's nothing terrible. Someone has to get back to attend a concert. Since the waves are pretty unruly, I decide to surf back slowly, and eventually make it back to shore where we have to surf our boards into a net (something like a hockey net), which is necessary for the competition we're in. We had to buy the waves that we wanted to surf on, I think. Anyway.

One of my friends never comes back to the beach. He was my (imaginary) boyfriend's brother in the dream. A search-and-rescue operation then ensues to try and find him. My part in the search involves riding a horse in the water underneath gigantic piers, behind the official horse-searching lady. I keep slipping and almost falling off of the horse's back -- we are riding without a saddle and it's hard to grip onto the horse. Our methods of searching include grabbing protruding planks under the pier and ringing the water out of them by making the horse move forward while we hang on to a plank, and examining the water that pours out for blood.

After the (unsuccessful) search, we gather in a house that it seems all the surfers, including me, live in. I feel really alienated, because it appears that everyone considers my friend's disappearance to be my fault. I lock myself in the bathroom after a very large woman exits, and there is pee all over the floor, and she can somehow talk to me through the toilet. This makes the toilet water splash all over the place and I can't sit on it, even though I have to pee quite badly. I can't remember what she was saying, though. Luckily, there are two toilets. The other one is a portable one, however, and I'm ain't about to hit that up, yo. The sinks in the bathroom are really strange and old, with thick and messy caulking all around the faucets.

Suddenly (or did this happen before?) I am teleported to camp, where I am in a really, really rundown staff cabin, in which it appears that one side of the cabin has been sawn off, and now the door that would have connected the two sides leads outside. It's fall, and the general feeling in is one of creepiness. The cabin is really musty and hot inside, so I keep the door open.

And it seems that I'm narrating this entire dream to someone else, to try to justify my actions in losing my friend. Also, my "boyfriend" in the dream will not publicly admit that it was his brother than drowned/disappears.


So yeah. My dream life is pretty crazy and confusing. I'll dictate more weird dreams as they come - I have another one about a contest on Twitter involving a prize of lego blocks that I might type up later.



This seems like something that might happen in one of my dreams, probably.