Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Amazing Because It Is

I am SO bad at blogging. Seriously. If this blog were a plant, it would be dead by now... actually it would be dead many months ago.

You know what I don't like.... but at the same time, do like? Songs that make you sad and happy and inspired and depressed all at once. For example:

What a heart-wrenching, terribly sad, terribly happy song. It yanks my heart strings to the point of breaking. And I just love the title: Amazing Because It Is. I just find it a great sentence, that points to who God is: Amazing, just because He Is. Without us. God is amazing without us there to worship Him, He'd be amazing if humankind had never existed. Yet he wanted to extend His amazing grace to us....

Do you ever get the feeling that there is just this great adventure waiting out there for you? What is mine? I really want to know. But would it ruin the surprise? Is there one for me? Am I doomed to the pursuit of the mundane, chasing figaments of my imagination, trudging through the muck and slime of the world, cotton t-shirt boring?

What would make the difference for me? When will I feel like I am living the adventure?

On another, happier, less emo note, Christmas holidays are upon us! Only a few more days, and then I'm home for the wonderful yuletide season. How I love Christmas!

Don't forget to eat your Advent calendar chocolates,


Suzanne said...

I like that you're back at it. :) I like your mind in writing.