Sunday, November 18, 2007

End of the Hiatus

Well, I guess it has been about five hundred years since I posted on this crazy thing... and let me tell you, a LOT of things have happened in that five hundred years!

I feel like I am a different person on a different world since last I posted. How to sum up a good eight months in a few words? Really, really good. I spent almost three months at Camp Aush-Bik-Koong ( !), which was absolutely amazing. God has been teaching me abundantly through his word, through prayer, through other people. He has been teaching me to wait - to have patience, to lean entirely on Him when things are unsure, to find solace in His word and in his presence. He has been teaching me self-control, how to really live through the Holy Spirit, how to flee from sin into His waiting arms.

It has been a good eight months. I'm baaaaaack!!!

What is next? Well... two weeks until finals. Egads! I'm not really nervous though... but I guess that is because I haven't really thought about it overly much. The nervousness will rear its ugly head soon enough. I have a monster paper due on Friday. Siiiiigh.. an english major that doesn't like writing papers. I am a living oxymoron. More like I don't like the idea, the premise of writing papers. They are somewhat enjoyable once begun. Anyway.

Mmmm, Christmas. I need to get my shop on.